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Outside Light - Mission Statement


What is Outside Light?

Outside Light is an organisation comprising ordinary volunteers from different Christian denominations in Woking who have a common purpose; to see the love and compassion of Jesus Christ spill and flow out onto their local streets and communities.

What we do

Outside Light runs various projects ranging from working with young people to meeting with those leaving clubs and pubs in the town centre on Friday nights. Other projects are on the way, including visiting those who are unable easily to leave their homes.

There is a Management Committee who are always interested in looking at how we might support new ideas that our volunteers or potential volunteers have for reaching out to our community. If you have ideas of your own then please tell us by clicking here.

The word 'LIGHT' stands for our 5 core values

Love in Action

We aim to provide practical care and consideration wherever and whenever the opportunity arises. The outworking of this is varied. it could be a relatively simple tast such as helping a young person write a CV or visiting those who are house-bound for a cup of tea. Equally it could be an ongoing opportunity to try and successfully re-house somebody who was previously homeless.

Whatever the situation that Jesus places in our path, we recognise that much of the Gospel and the subsequent events recorded in Acts celebrate lives fulfilled not only with words but actions too.

Inspiring Churches

We love the fact that our volunteers represent so many different churches in Woking. Currently working under the umbrella of Outside Light are Anglicans, Baptists, Free Churches, Catholics and Methodists. This means that withing Outside Light we have a great breadth of experience, understanding, diversity of style, and of course, from time to time, emphasis!

A large part of our mission is to continually and faithfully work alongside our local churches. So many local congregations have been greatly supportive and practically helpful to Outside Light. A primary aim of ours is to continue to inspire, support and mobilise as we engage with the Father's heart to see the Kingdom of Jesus expressed!


Of course, underpinning all that we do within Outside Light is a desire to see the Good News of jesus Christ preached, affirmed, celebrated, and accepted! Our conviction is that Jesus truly is, "the friend of sinners" (i.e. all of us!). We believe that Jesus died and was raised for all people, regardless of background, or race, colour or sexual orientation.


Jesus' compassion for the sick, dying, and the bereaved was such that, even though he could do "all things, he was still, on several occasions, overcome with tears for those whom he loved."

Withing Outside Light we love seeing demonstrations of God's power and compassion. It is always an absolute privelege to be offered the opportunity to pray for someone's healing. Imagine then the wonder and joy when God intervenes and works the miraculous on the streets!


Within Outside Light we put great emphasis on teamwork and fellowship. From the very beginning of outside Light's ministry we have sought to establish teams that truly care, support and nurture one another.

Coupled with regular fellowship is prayer.

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