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Great night Friday

December 10th, 2014

We were busy from the moment we arrived till when we left. At one moment two of the team shared their testimony and the gospel with 8 people all in a circle and then locked together in a huddle prayed! Two homeless guys really want to know more about the bible and are coming to a study tomorrow night. One of the team had a problem in his back healed. Lots of others got hot drinks, booklets and conversations. This is really exciting ministry stuff! You are missing out…


News from Outside Light

September 2nd, 2013

It has been an exciting few weeks in Outside Light, much has been happening in the background. Friday nights has begun in Knaphill with a team venturing out to new ground and praying around the area, there are large numbers of young people around the area and the team are looking to reach out in the coming weeks.

We have also been working with a church in the Maybury area who are looking to do some outreach in that area, a team of around 8 people have been now going out on prayer walks in preparation for a new project here and they are currently seeking the Lord for his vision. Really exciting.

Friday nights in the town centre has seen the team grow with new members and new people coming to faith, one man who the team have been reaching out to is now wanting to be baptised. They are faithfully going out week by week sharing Christ and they are such an inspirational team.

Monday nights are looking to grow and increase their presence these coming months in Old Woking and all in all God is being faithful in seeing us grow and reach more people.

I was so encouraged recently to hear of a chap we reached out to a number of years ago who has surrendered his life to Jesus and is now reaching out to others at a Christian centre for addicts. At the time we had lost some hope with seeing him change, we had prayed and shared Christ with him so many times and spent much time with him. Now we are seeing God do amazing things and a real reminder that we never know what god is doing underneath the surface. So be encouraged that nothing we do for the Lord is ever in vain, keep going for him and keep sowing those seeds!

Following a break of three years or so, a mostly new team of just four has formed in Knaphill to go out again to the young people there who are in the village late evening/nighttime, often drinking.

Starting with prayer-walking the village and around, breaking ground, they went out for the first time last Friday. Please pray for a speedy resolution to the DBS procedure that Outside Light will carry out for them so that when completed they’ll be able to engage and organise games of football, food and drink etc, and build safe relationships with these young people.

Please pray too for the safety of this new team and for God’s blessing on them as they see God working in their lives and grow in their faith. Please also pray for growth in their numbers as God’s work for Outside Light in Knaphill starts again.



Hey folks, tonight was the beginning of a new term down at St Peters Rec….lighter evenings, no rain, warmth! What a genuine privilege to be out and about…seeing old faces, meeting new folk, chatting with parents, explaining the Gospel, praying with people, drinking hot chocolate and eating brownies! All in the space of one hour! So what are you waiting for….?! There are plenty of opportunities waiting for you down at St Peters Rec…this is good stuff, this is the Gospel on the streets, this is people looking after people, this is camaraderie, this is healing right in front of your eyes, this is sitting on a park bench with a hot chocolate in your hand talking to a bunch of kids about school, mobile phones, cancer, Jesus, Britains Got Talent, and forgiveness (usually all at the same time!). THIS IS GOD AT WORK!! We don’t want this God thing limited to Old Woking…we want see Him at work in Send, in Sheerwater, in Knaphill, in Westfield …….but we need volunteers who don’t mind getting stuck in!! I say again, what are you waiting for?! Call me (Paul 07968 103727) for more info, or alternatively, come on down, we’ll be on St Peters Rec from 7.30 – 8.30ish every Monday, without fail,  til mid July. See you there!!

Why Bother?

March 15th, 2013

Last Friday night was another reminder for me about why we do this work. Friday night at 8.30pm rolls around and the usual internal dialogue ensues, is it worth going out, does it really make any impact, what if I can’t answer people’s questions and round and round it goes. So rocking up on Friday we were a team of 5 people who had all gone through the same battles.

Venturing out on a rainy Friday night it was pretty quiet on the streets, however within a few minutes we had a couple of strangers come to the table and ask how they could make a donation, that they had seen what we were doing and thought it was brilliant and they want to give us some money. Another lady was hovering around the table wanting to take pictures of what we were doing, this developed into an amazingly ordained conversation where her history and mine overlapped and it transpired that her nephew was heavily involved in the occult and we were able to talk in depth about Christ. We offered to pray for her and what amazed me most was this 50-year old woman said “no one has ever prayed for me before” and then proceeded to hug us both.

We had other lads come up through the evening and thank us so much for what we were doing that they had been talking about us in the pub and could not believe that we came out on a wet Friday night for no money, we prayed for them and they were stunned at what had taken place.

Another team member had a long conversation which lasted most of the night with an older guy who had come to drop some things off to his son, he was intrigued by faith and asking some deep questions.

One man came to us professing faith and saying he is completely struggling in his faith and having a feet in both worlds, he left the conversation saying that he had been changed and to pray for him.

There were other conversations and interactions that took place across the night and once again we were bowled over, that it is worth going out, it really does make an impact, we really can answer questions and God really is doing amazing work in Woking.

Big thanks!!

February 28th, 2013

A big Thankyou one and all for turning out at Christchurch this week for our first prayer and update evening of 2013! I thought that evening a really blessed, intimate vibe to it and it was good to be praying together for our town, its residents, and the various ministries that seek to be a blessing to people outside of our church buildings. Special thanks to AH for facilitating our evening and also to Mark Richmond for coming along and sharing the Lighthouse story. Watch this space fot the next meeting, probably May/June. Every blessing, Paul.

Friday Night Catchup –

February 11th, 2013

Friday Night Catchup – 9th Feb

Our thanks to all who prayed for the Friday Night team. This was a cold and relatively quiet night with a strange vibe to it. The people around us seemed unhappy. Many walked past the table as though we weren’t there, which is unusual. The evening was punctuated however by the occasional diamond visitor – one, a young girl who used to be a youth member at Brookwood Church who has drifted – but who spent a long time chatting once all her male friends had left. She allowed us to pray for her. Another was a potential volunteer who came along right at the end of the session. He’s said he’ll come again on Friday and spend the night with us. I can’t go into too much detail now but I believe he’s seeking. Please, please pray for him and for us as we walk with him.

Please Note for your Diary

Outside Light’s last prayer meeting was on the 10th of December and it was a great success, with worship lead by the Rend support group – otherwise known as Paul Huggett and Mike Venness.

The next prayer and worship meeting will be on the 25th of Feb, at Christ Church, Woking. So, please put this in your diary – don’t forget – if it’s anything like the last one the church will need a new roof by the time the evening’s over.

Godspeed and thanks again for all your prayer support.

Friday Night Catchup – 2 Feb

February 2nd, 2013

Last night was great. We started with minor hiccup in the form of a mix-up that meant we couldn’t access our tables/supplies etc for a while. But that, we saw, as opposition to what was to come later. So we prayed for a while and soon enough we were able to carry on and get indoors to put the kettle on etc.

Praise God we were joined by a new volunteer who doesn’t appear to have been put off by the night that followed. In fact he said afterwards that it was a great experience for him to be out ‘doing’, ‘going’, ‘getting involved in the Great Commission’. More that that, he was able to talk to some of our visitors from the point of view of his own personal experience which had led him to being there last night, standing outside in the cold in the town centre, talking to complete strangers about the Love of Jesus and the Love that Jesus has for us.

Please pray for the young chap, a railway worker who had attended ‘an emergency’ earlier in the day, who has no belief but who was prepared to engage and chat for around half an hour and who was happy to be prayed for. The practicing Moslem chap who was clearly very spiritual, who reads the New Testament and who is seeking truth – he too accepted prayer. The chap who had witnessed a fatality on the railway that led him to be angry with God for letting that happen, and for making it visible to him. And the several other people who came to the table and were served in one way or the other and who took tracts along with their hot chocolate/tea etc.

Possibly the highlight of the evening for me was a young lady who came up to the table asking for the Street Angel she’d seen the week earlier. I explained that there are quite a few of them and that I thought many volunteered on a week-on, three-weeks’ off basis so it was unlikely she would be found easily. So I asked why she wanted to thank the Street Angel, and she said that she’d been ‘in a mess’ last week and this lady had calmed her down and made her feel better about herself. I remembered a tall young lady in floods of tears the previous week and Christina had managed to waylay her as she’d tried to run past us. Christina and Ike had spent a good 30-minutes with her, praying, calming her down and lending their ears to whatever it was that had troubled her. I’d kept my distance. The last thing that young lady needed was another 6’5″-in-every-direction bloke crowding her. So I’d not recognised her face. The fact that she’d taken the trouble to return and thank Christina – who this week had taken a well-earned break (she’s there pretty much every other week) -was for me a marvellous signpost that whatever it is that’s being achieved on these cold Saturday nights, can’t be bad!

All blessings – if anyone else wants to see God at work in Woking Town Centre late on a Friday, do contact us through the website:


Friday Night Catchup

January 28th, 2013

Great night this last Friday, 6 of us out. Prayed for several people. We saw a few people we have seen on other outreaches around the town and a couple of young girls who want to come to church and find out more. We gave out lots of hot drinks and many people came up amazed that we are out there trying to help. Chris G and Ollie K we thank you for your prayers as we went out it made a real impact. 15 plus people received the gospel!! If you haven’t signed up to pray for us one Friday, please could you – it makes a massive difference!

All Blessings


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